Unleashing Industry 4.0 potential

Presentation of the Programme of the 12th TIME Economic Forum

EU – Digital industrial cooperation

Legal barriers – how to reconcile the protection of competition with the protection of cooperation?

Legal ecosystem for Industry 4.0

Life Long Learning System for the network economy

Is there any chance for Smart Cities in Poland?

Demand and supply as a key to the sustainable development of fiber optic resources – discussion panel with the participation of ITU Broadband Commission

Market consolidation in the context of the applicable legal standards and regulatory practice

Future of Cybersecurity and Digital Trust

The direction of changes in legal regulations and the future of digital sector development: copyright and digital tax

Industrial network architecture

SMEs in the face of the Green Deal and Industry 4.0 challenges

5G network services for SME 4.0 industries

AI – technological basis for Industry 4.0


The Internet of Things in common use

Cybersecurity innovations