Cooperation of enterprise organizations to build a digitalization strategy

EU Decision 2022/2481 established the rules, objectives, method of creation, legal and financial framework for the implementation of the EU economy digitalization program by 2030 (Digital Decade Policy Program 2030 - DDPP). It was created in cooperation with business organizations and gives them many opportunities to influence the shape and specific goals of the digitalization strategy. The size of the budget allocated to the implementation of the DDPP is a great opportunity to increase innovation, productivity and security of the economy. The business community attaches particular importance to increasing the level of integration of the EU single market by tightening direct cooperation between enterprises. The shape of the Decision indicates that EU companies believe that joint, cross-border projects are a way to build industrial clusters connecting EU enterprises in a coopetition network.

This is a great challenge for business organizations, and especially for digital business organizations. We invited many presidents of enterprise organizations to discuss this topic. We are convinced that this will contribute to the creation of a strategy and program for the digitization of the economy, which will be fully implemented.