Investments in telecommunications

Accelerating the pace of investment in next-generation data transmission networks is a necessary condition for increasing innovation and maintaining the pace of economic development. Industrial-grade networks (5G) are essential for the development of industry 4.0, energy transformation and the development and dissemination of digital services. Support for network investments should cover supply and demand. The telecommunications industry signals that without changing the legal and regulatory environment and the practice of implementing the law that determines the costs and pace of investments, we will not be able to build the network infrastructure necessary to achieve the adopted development goals. It is equally important to stimulate the demand side, including: by reforming the national innovation system, developing universal and secure digital services and accelerating the digitization of sectors so that they can use the services of industrial-class telecommunications networks (5G and in the future 6G). We invited people responsible for the development of telecommunications networks on a daily basis to present the main barriers hindering investment processes.