The path to the digital economy 2030

Digital transformation will change countries as much as the systems of European countries. The digital economy is becoming a locomotive of economic development. The digitalization strategies of EU countries form a synergistic triangle:

  • energy based on renewable energy and green hydrogen,
  • network infrastructure integrated with industrial-class data transmission networks,
  • industry 4.0 supporting networked circular economy.

The decision of the European Parliament and the Council of November 2022 establishing the policy program "The road to a digital decade" by 2030 is a consequence of the awareness that the implementation of digitalization strategies requires implementation plans based on goals and quantitative indicators of their implementation.
They should be created as a result of dialogue between representatives of enterprises and social organizations with institutions responsible for establishing and implementing economic policy. The digitalization program must be horizontal, and its feasibility requires combining all sector strategies into a coherent whole. Its general and specific goals should take into account the goals and budgets of other countries in order to provide Polish entrepreneurs with the opportunity to participate in multi-country projects. Conclusions from the discussion that will take place as part of this and other panels on the 15th FG TIME will be the voice of business organizations regarding the National Digitization Plan.