The impact of regulations on investments and economic development

Legislative and systemic changes are commonplace for the telecommunications industry. The last three years have been a period of pandemic and a state of heightened alert in connection with Russia's aggression against Ukraine, a particular manifestation of which on our domestic market is the war to maintain cybersecurity. We can't count on any respite this year either. We are on the threshold of implementing EKŁE. Will the new regulations change the approach of those in power in Poland towards the telecommunications industry? Can we expect a coherent, long-term vision of the market to be presented, e.g. by 2030?

More and more costly obligations towards society are imposed on operators, and attempts to adjust retail prices to the rapidly growing costs are firmly blocked. On the other hand, there are ideas to build a state operator that would provide, among others: services to administrative units, disregarding the rules of competition and on a monopoly basis.

What impact do the actions of regulatory authorities and the government have on the use of existing and future telecom investments? Where are the limits of state interference in the freedom of business activity in the telecommunications industry? Shouldn't the state at least compensate operators for the costs of missionary activities?